" I would like to encourage anyone who is in a land dispute to not hesitate to contact Estevan Perera & Company LLP. You will not regret it. This is a young but very promising law firm. I personally was recently in a land dispute in Orange Walk where the owners wanted to renege on a former legal agreement for me to convert a possession into ownership. They, husband and wife, and church mouses as well I might add were being difficult, greedy and unfair. I didn't want the dispute to be prolonged so I hired this prestigious and effective law firm and sued the owners. I remember Counsel Estevan Perera being very calm and courteous at all times at our hearings. He was almost crushed deliberately by one of the Defendants with the court room door. He was merely opening the door for the Defendant's wife to exit. Using his expertise I was able to get an early hearing and won our case based on specific performance. I am very satisfied and now the titled owner of the said property. It feels so good that that stressful episode of my life is over. Thanks a million once again Counsel Estevan Perera and I wish you many more successes in the future! "
-- Manuel Bautista

" Working with Mr. Perera was a pleasure. His expertise, vast knowledge and professional demeanor surely made the legal process easier. He assured me that he'd handle everything and that we'd be done before I knew it - he was right! He ensured thoroughness with every job he was given. Excellent service! "
-- Farah Guerrero

" I have been very blessed in that Mr. Perera was brought into my life to help me through a very bad business situation. He is very professional, understanding and kind but most of all has a deep belief of doing what is right before the Lord and man. I am confident in his advise and will always look to him to be there when I need him. I would like to also call him my friend. "
-- Janis Fowler

" Mr. Perera has worked for our HOA over the past 7 years on a number of different issues, including debt collections, GST & Business Tax assessments, and revision of by-laws. He keeps up to date, and informs us of any changes that affect strata plans. We have been very satisfied with Mr. Perera. "
-- Royal Palm Villas EC

" Estevan Perera is an outstanding Belizean attorney! He represented us against a party who had embezzled substantial sums of money from a resort business venture located on Ambergris Caye, Belize. He worked fervently to win the lawsuit, we were returned our investment money 100% via a buy out agreement. Thank you Estevan! Daniel Schmitz "
-- Daniel Schmitz

" As with moving from any Country to the next there are many challenges involved.....Particularly with Real Estate/Corporate filings and Immigration status.... Estevan Perera & Company LLP has been there for us.... Getting things done legally, responsibly and quickly.....A big thank you Mr. Perera and to your team.. "
-- Judyann Horton

" My husband and I have used this Law Firm for years and would not use any other in the country of Belize. Estevan is an excellent lawyer who pays great attention to detail and is extremely helpful when it matters most. "
-- Katherine Bower

" Estevan Perera's professional, knowledgeable, and expert legal advice and representation is deeply appreciated in winning my Claim against a fraudulent realestate developer. His dogged determination to fight for the truth, was confirmed when the Judge stated that defence claims were "completely unintelligible... and that the default judgment will stand. "
-- Cindy Carson

" Estevan Perera & Company has been providing sound legal advice and guidance since my arrival in Belize. Good and reliable service! "
-- John Deshaies

" Mr. Pererra is a very professional and efficient attorney. He won my case and was granted all I was requesting for. I recommended several of my friends to Mr. Pererra, and they were all pleased with the outcome. I will continue to seek service with Mr. Pererra and refer my friends to him. "
-- Mary Chang

" Estevan represented us very well in a land title dispute in Cayo. We are very happy with his performance overall and would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an extremely bright and honest attourney! We settled our dispute in court appointed mediation, the defendents agreed to all our demands. "
-- Jeremiah Allen

" The best corporate attorney in Belize. The staff is absolutely professional! "
-- Marc Springhill

" Estevan has always been great to us, he handles all of our transactions with investors (50 lots) as well as all company business, drafting restrictive covenants, dealing with lands department etc... without him, business in Belize would be very difficult! "
-- Andreas Johansson

" As someone who lives in the UK and needing a lawyer in Belize I was wary to make a decision to open a legal case in a country I have never visited . Mr Perera has done everything he promised to do and more in this very difficult and complicated situation . I am eternally grateful to him. "
-- Patricia Robertson

" Mr. Perera is a great Real Estate Lawyer in Belize. He assisted us with our Real Estate Development from start to finish. He was very professional and he ensured that our work was done in a timely manner. He continues to assist our purchasers with their title transfers and the formation of local companies in Belize. "
-- Anthony Waldron